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July 27, 2012: 36 Residents Will Benefit from Repairs, Improvements to Four PLACES Adult Care Facilities

PLACES recently was awarded $27,910 in grants to make critical repairs and improvements to its four Residential Adult Care facilities – Randolph House, Trotwood, Gascho Gardens and Marty’s House – benefiting 36 residents.

The grants were awarded by the Ohio Department of Mental Health and the Ohio Housing Finance Agency through the department’s Adult Care Facility Critical Repair grant process.

The work, which will be completed by March 31, 2013, includes:

  • Upgrades and modernization of the 1930s-era drainage system at Randolph House – and the drainage system at Trotwood – to prevent water seepage into the basements after heavy or frequent rain; damage to equipment and furnishings; and potential mold problems;
  • Replacement of five outdated water heaters and installation of a sixth water heater at Gascho Gardens to ensure that all six residential units can access hot water on demand; and
  • Replacement of damaged, nonfunctioning, HVAC ductwork trunk lines, plus roof ventilation fans, to improve temperature control year-round for residents at Marty’s House.

“By investing in our structures, we will ensure the long-term viability of our Adult Care Facilities so our residents can continue to live in a safe, clean and family-like atmosphere well into the future,” said Roy Craig, executive director of PLACES.

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