Residential Adult Care Facilities

The Residential Adult Care Facilities program at PLACES provides housing and personal care services for adults diagnosed with severe mental health disorders. We operate four facilities throughout Montgomery County for 36 residents who are unable to live independently.

Our Homes, Licensing and Staffing

Our homes – licensed and certified by the Ohio Department of Mental Health – are safe, attractive, clean and well-maintained. They are staffed 24/7 by dedicated professionals who provide structure, supervision and support in a family atmosphere.

Coordinated Services, Holistic Care, Personalized Plans

Residents receive services from local mental health agencies. By staying in close touch with
healthcare providers, we meet our residents’ needs for their physical and psychiatric care.

At PLACES, we care for the whole person. We cook nutritious meals, monitor medications and teach life skills. We assist with personal care and hygiene, and plan recreational activities such as bowling, parties and game days. We encourage physical exercise and social connections, and regularly transport residents within the community.

All residents receive individual attention and have personalized plans for their care. Every week
each resident chooses an activity – such as dining out, shopping or simply going for a haircut – to enjoy
with a member of our staff. And here every birthday is cause for a celebration.

A Richer Quality of Life

Because of the care we provide, residents at PLACES become increasingly stable over time. They are less anxious. Their overall health and appearance improve. And they tend to be happier and have fewer hospitalizations and psychiatric problems than residents in other settings.

Many of our residents hold jobs, go to school or volunteer in the community. On average, three residents leave our Adult Care Facilities every year – often to live in independent housing.

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