Funding Sources

The majority of our funding comes
from the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) and the Alcohol, Drug Addiction and Mental Health Services (ADAMHS) Board for Montgomery County. The remainder comes from resident fees and tenant rents, Montgomery County HOME funds, individual contributions and other sources such as grants from private and corporate foundations and other agencies.


Because of changes in the funding environment and budget cutbacks, PLACES is actively seeking grants for program development/project support and general purpose/operating support. Grants will allow us to continue to provide a high level of services to our residents, clients and tenants.

Over the past few years, PLACES has received grants from the following organizations:

  • CareSource Foundation
  • The Dayton Foundation
  • Fifth Third Foundation
  • Janssen Pharmaceuticals
  • Sam’s Club Store Grant
  • Sisters of the Precious Blood Maria Anna Brunner Fund

Recent Projects Funded

Commemorative Walkway

2014: Commemorative Walkway

To celebrate our 25th anniversary in 2013, PLACES built and dedicated a commemorative walkway at Gascho Gardens in 2014.

Located on Dayton’s east side, Gascho Gardens evolved from the first PLACES Adult Care Facility in 1988 and today provides a home for 12 residents.

The commemorative walkway features personalized, engraved pavers, which friends of PLACES ordered to honor family members, loved ones and the people PLACES serves. Surrounding the walkway are weeping cherry, magnolia, forsythia and other landscaping amenities.

PLACES dedicated the commemorative walkway on Sept. 13, 2014, and celebrated during an ice cream social with 75 people attending.

The $8,255 in donations toward the walkway benefited the Heart and Home Legacy Society, the PLACES endowment fund established through The Dayton Foundation. Supporting the endowment fund helps to protect the future for PLACES residents, clients and tenants and ensure that the quality programs at PLACES remain financially secure.

2013: Technology Upgrades

A $15,000 grant from the George B. Quatman Foundation, Fifth Third Bank, Trustee, allowed PLACES to purchase computers and additional hardware as part of its electronic system upgrade project.

This was part one of a two-part plan to transition into electronic health records. Ultimately, electronic health records will allow easy, comprehensive sharing of information among hospitals, community mental health agencies and PLACES for the residents, clients and tenants being served.

Electronic health records also will benefit clinical management, allowing PLACES to track productivity, quality of care and outcomes more efficiently.

2013: Housing Repairs and Improvements

Grants awarded in 2012 from the Ohio Department of Mental Health and the Ohio Housing Finance Agency funded four repair and improvement projects in 2013 benefiting 36 residents in the Adult Care Facilities program at PLACES. The projects included:

Marty's House Improvements
  • Upgrades and modernization of the 1930s-era drainage system at Randolph House – and the drainage system at Trotwood – to prevent water seepage into the basements after heavy or frequent rain; damage to equipment and furnishings; and potential mold problems
  • Replacement of five outdated water heaters and installation of a sixth water heater at Gascho Gardens to ensure that all six residential units can access hot water on demand
  • Replacement of damaged, nonfunctioning, HVAC ductwork trunk lines, plus roof ventilation fans, to improve temperature control year-round for residents at Marty’s House

Other Projects Funded

Grants received from the Ohio Department of Mental Health in recent years have funded the following projects benefiting residents in the Adult Care Facilities program:

  • Purchase of an automated external defibrillator as a supplement to standard cardiopulmonary resuscitation at Marty’s House
  • Upgrades of two bathrooms at Gascho Gardens
  • Ceiling repairs and utility bills at Randolph House
  • Partial costs for a roof replacement at Marty’s House
  • Updated plumbing at Trotwood
  • Geothermal heating system at Randolph House
  • New central HVAC system at Gascho Gardens

Holiday Party Donations

Annually, friends of PLACES contribute to the success of the Holiday Party for residents, clients, tenants and their families by making a financial gift. Numerous individual donors and the following companies helped to fund the Holiday Party in 2014:

Holiday Party

Corporate Sponsors

  • Elizabeth Hardy, Ph.D., and Rick Omlor

Event Sponsors

  • CareSource
  • Centerville LTC Pharmacy
  • Crest Commercial Realty
  • Gayle Rominger and Tom Henighan

Table Sponsors

  • Gerald and Diane Vonderbrink
  • Pickrel, Schaeffer and Ebeling
  • Montgomery County
  • McGohan Brabender
  • Mahajan Therapeutics, LLC

Half-Table Sponsors

  • The Degnan Family
  • In memory of Joseph and Kathryn
  • John and Eva Walker
  • Poor Boy Lawn Service
  • Project CURE, Inc.
  • Sam and Vickie Tuten
  • Tom and Rose Randolph
  • University of Dayton
  • Zumwald & Company, LLC

If you would like to support the PLACES Holiday Party for residents, clients, tenants and their families in 2015, please contact the executive director.